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Philippines name Sampaguitas squad for Cabramatta Nines

The Philippines National Rugby League has named the inaugural Sampaguitas squad which will take part in the 2020 Cabramatta International Nines next February.

The Sampaguitas are the Philippines Women’s Representative team, and will make history next year becoming the first Asian Women’s team to take part in an International Rugby League event.

Philippines Sampaguitas:
1. Leticia Quinlan (Tolentino)
2. Jilena Grant (Caigoy)
3. Lila Reynolds
4. Elle Hardwick (Colocado)
5. Phoebe Audutan
6. Janine Jamieson (Toriente)
7. Renee Target (Meregildo)
8. Tatyana Quinlan (Tolentino)
9. Tammy Fletcher (C) (Zafra)
10. Erica Rowell (Hipulan)
11. Meagan Rickertt (Madronio)
12. Mackenzie Loxton (Avila)
13. Nica Elpa.
14. Allysha Astridge (Fedilina)
15. Renee Mason (Liquete)

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